The Promise Trilogy part 2: The William Ashbless Project

Over the course of a month during March and April, the artist, Gabi Kricheli, will construct a sculptural installation in the vast space of the gallery at Yaffo 23. The process commenced on March 20th ; Kricheli has been installing sculptural elements, an action that is being documented and accompanied by students. The final result will cordially open for public viewing on March 29th at 7:00 pm.

The work is an action, specific to the space, part of a series of such actions and works created especially for and within the space of Yaffo 23 – that consist of an original work, an artist workshop and an exhibition.

William Ashbless is a fictional poet, the creation of authors James Blaylock and Tim Powers. In “The Anubis Gates”' Powers’ novel, the protagonist travels back in time in search of the poet, only to discover the renowned Ashbless to be no other than himself.

The artist Gabi Kricheli wishes to create a similar set of detachments in his regard to the space of Yaffo 23. He has constructed a system of formulas, enabling him to approach his own work as if he is viewing it for the first time. He will integrate these acts of re engagement, acting as a discoverer of artwork that is not his own. Kricheli’s sculptural objects conjure a subtotal of many mythologies – cave dwellers' paintings or sculptures, religious paraphernalia and objects of ritual, dating back to the medieval ages and the baroque, as well as science fiction scenes. His intention is to evoke primordial experiences and knowledge that are at the foundations of many different cultures. The wolf, dog or coyote standing guard at the gates of castles, churches and on roof tops, the arc that constructs sea vessels, or an anonymous figurine. Combined, like mathematical components, to create a basic universal language – a relief of human history, revealed to the Artist – Anthropologist – Researcher traveling freely over space and time.

Yaffo23 art site, Jerusalem, Israel 2011